Things I’ve enjoyed reading this week (31)

the numinous and the unreal by Jackie Luo. I subscribe to the dream machine and Jackie’s writing is surreal and deeply personal. This entry is beautifully written, informative on astrology and theology, and has themes both spiritual and unapologetically femme.

The Wanderer by Cody Mower on ENTROPY. I read this as an introspective short about healing. The protagonist is a veteran struggling with both mental and physical injuries from their time in the Marines. The writing is tender and thoughtful. I found the dialogue especially smooth.

Rarasaur’s zine, Brain Tired. A moving zine on stroke recovery, memory, and perception. The aesthetic of the zine ties in perfectly with the writing and I felt totally absorbed when reading. I found it poetic and disorienting, but hopeful. It emanates a strong sense of perseverance.

Nîtisânak by Lindsay Nixon. “No sleeping, bitch, the prairie wind says, just pop an upper and let’s catch the next train.” I’ve been working my way through this book, it’s a transformative work with immense impact. I’m so grateful for this book, it just puts so many feelings into words. I love how it’s written. This work unmasks the cruel ambient racism and colonial attitudes that exist in the small towns of my youth and it’s an incredibly humbling read.

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